The Prophetic Invocations on Protection (Audio CD - 2 CDs)

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Author: Yahya Hawwa, Abu Tayeb,
Type: CD Album
Publisher: Alif Recordings

"The Prophetic Invocations on Protection", is a double CD compilation containing selected Prophetic invocations and verses from the holy Quran, illustrating how and why seeking spiritual protection in Allah, the Exalted, is essential in our daily lives. Although the theme of protection has been prevalent at all times, it is of more relevance now than it ever was: our times are increasingly characterised by suffering from spiritual, social, family and mental health related problems.

These trials or difficulties (bala) may be caused by a range of physical and unseen factors, including individual shortcomings, stressful experiences, oppression from others, transgression towards sin, supernatural afflictions or even divine tests (ibtilah) from Allah, the Most High, to draw out our commitment to Him. All of these have lasting effects on the quality of our relationship with Allah and our functioning within ourselves, with our peers and with society at large.

Numerous examples from the Quran and Prophetic Sunnah indicate the recommended practice in and virtue of remembrance (dhikr) or in making prayer (du'a) to Allah, the Most High, when in difficulty or crisis, of whatever nature, as well as implementing them in our daily lives.

The verses of the Quran and duas are recited in Arabic by Yahya Hawwa (Jordan) and Abu Tayeb (London) in the Hafs form for clarity, easy grasp and learning. They are followed by English translation by Ehsan Abdullah Hannan and are accompanied with Hadith and sound effects to assist contextualisation. The materials used throughout the project have been carefully selected for their authenticity.

Samples from the album

CD 1 Yahya Hawwa

    Introduction to Prophetic Invocation
    Al-Fatiha quran recitation
    Al-Fatiha translation, hadith 1 & 2
    Al- Baqarah (2: v256-257) quran recitation
    Al-Mu'minun (23: v115-118) quran recitation
    Al-Mu'minun (23: v115-118) translation, hadith 1
    Al-Araf (7:205) quran recitation

CD 2 Abu Tayeb 

    Al-Yunus (10:57) quran recitation
    Protection in the adhan du'a
    Protection upon leaving the mosque
    Seeking protection from the evil of seeing, talking, hearing, and desires and passions
    Seeking protection from the discomfort of death and seeking ease in the daily affairs of this life and in the hereafter.

    Ar-Rad (13:28) quran recitation

CD 1 - Featuring Yahya Hawwa

1 Introduction
2 Al-Fatiha
3 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
4 Al- Baqarah (2: v1-5)
5 Translation, Hadith 1
6 Al-Araf (7: v205)
7 Ayatul Kursi (2: v255)
8 Translation, Hadith 1, 2 & 3
9 Al- Baqarah (2: v256-257)
10 Translation & summary
11 Al-Baqarah (2: v284-286)
12 Translation, Hadith 1
13 Al-Kahf (18: v1-10)
14 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
15 Al-Ahzab (33: v41)
16 Al-Muminun (23: v115-118)
17 Translation, Hadith 1
18 Ar-Room (30: v17-19)
19 Translation, Hadith 1
20 Al-Hashr (59: v20-24)
21 Translation, Hadith 1 & verse 7:180
22 Al-Mu'minun (23: v97-98)
23 Al-Mulk
24 Summary, Hadith 1 & 2
25 Al-Ikhlas
26 Translation, Hadith 1 & 2
27 The Al-Mu`awwidhatayn:
Al-Falaq & Translation, An- Nas & Translation
28 Hadith 1, 2 & 3
29 Al-Imran (3: v173-174)

CD 2 - Featuring Abu Tayeb

1 Al-Bakarah (2: v152-157)
2 Protection against Satan upon waking up from sleep
3 Protection when entering the toilet
4 Protection when exiting the toilet
5 Protection after wudu
6 Protection when wearing new garments
7 Protection upon leaving the house
8 Al-Anfal (8:v2)
9 Protection in the azan dua
10 Protection upon entering the mosque
11 Making dua between adhan and iqamah
12 Protection upon leaving the mosque
13 Protection upon entering the house and before eating
14 Yunus (10:v57)
15 Protection against evil in the morning and evening
16 Protection against anxiety, sorrow, helplessness, miserliness, burden of debts and tyranny of men
17 Protection against the punishment of Hell fire, the punishment of the grave, the evil of wealth and poverty and from the trials of Dajjal
18 Protection from harm and seeking mercy, guidance and sustenance
19 Ar-Rad (13:28)
20 Protection against heedlessness
21 Protection against the corruption of the heart and seeking support in Allah for it's control and guidance
22 Seeking protection from the discomfort of death and seeking ease in the daily affairs of this life and in the hereafter.
23 Protection from evil committed and yet to be committed
24 Al-Munafiqun (63:9)
25 Seeking protection from the evil of seeing, talking, hearing, and desires and passions
26 Protection against the evils within oneself and seeking inspiration from Allah
27 Protection against sinning and seeking success in attaining Jannah and safety from the fire
28 Ayats from Suratul Yaseen (36:v1-10)
29 Protection against the whisperings of Satan and doubt in matters of faith
30 Protection against inflicting evil eye on oneself and others
31 Protection for children from ill health and evil eye
32 Protection from inappropriate anger and temperament
33 Al-Isra (17:v82)
34 Protection against people who ones fears harm from
35 Protection against grief
36 Protection against a difficult period/circumstance
37 Protection against misfortune and seeking the reward from it
38 Protection against the misfortune of others
39 Ayats from Suratul Waqiah (56:1-26)
40 Protection during sleep 

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