Natural Beard Conditioning Oil by Jenulence

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Jenulence® natural beard conditioner helps keep the beard soft, fresh smelling and fights dry flaky skin and dandruff. For best results apply a few drops on finger tips and rub into skin under the beard daily to heal and condition. Do not wash it off.

Ingredients: Pesticide-free golden jojoba oil, expeller-pressed hazelnut oil, vitamin E (Tocopherol), essential oils.

A note about ingredients: Golden Jojoba oil composed of waxy esters, the structure of which closely resembles our skin's surface layer, called the sebum (natural moisturizing oils secreted by human skin). That's why jojoba oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and is ideal for all skin types.
Hazelnut oil is slightly astringent, toning and fast absorbing. It tones and tightens the skin, helps maintain firmness and elasticity. 
Vitamin E added as antioxidant.
Essential oils promote healthy hair growth and help fight dandruff. They are anti-bacterial and create fresh distinctive manly smell.

Packaging: Full size- 4 oz (120 ml) recyclable cobalt blue plastic bottle with convenient pump closure;

Green Peiple Seal of Approval

Proud Signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) says: "Trim closely the moustache, and let the beard flow (Grow)."  - Narrated Ibn Umar (R.A.) in Muslim, Hadith no. 498

Imam Muhammed (R.A.) writes in his book "Kitabul Aathaar" where he relates from Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A.) who relates from Hadhrat Haytham (R.A.) who relates from Ibn Umar (R.A.) that he (Ibn Umar) used to hold his beard in his hand and cut off which was longer. Imam Muhammed (R.A.) says that this is what we follow and this was the decision of Imam Abu Hanifa. 

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