Men's Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil

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Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)said: "Act against contrary to the polythesists, trim closely the moustache and grow the beard."
- Reported by Ibn Umar (R.A.) in Muslim, Hadith no. 500

Imam Muhammed (R.A.) writes in his book "Kitabul Aathaar" where he relates from Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A.) who relates from Hadhrat Haytham (R.A.) who relates from Ibn Umar (R.A.) that he (Ibn Umar) used to hold his beard in his hand and cut off which was longer. Imam Muhammed (R.A.) says that this is what we follow and this was the decision of Imam Abu Hanifa. 

This beard oil combines two potent oils: sesame and jojoba with organic lime to soften, condition and clean the beard, while the bay lime aroma confers a nice scent, perfect for both days in the office and on the weekends

  • Ø  works  quickly to soften the beard
  • Ø  moisturize the skin
  • Ø  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Ø  light scent, works excellent on men's skin
  • Ø  doesn’t  leave greasy or oily feeling
  • Ø  hugely popular product with some religious orders where beards are required
  • Ø  99% certified organic and alcohol free and doctor recommended
  • Ø  leaves skin feeling  better and reduce  itchiness and irritations and beard softer
  • Ø  Makes a unique and great gift item

Directions:  Pump 1-2 drops in palm of the hand.  Rub hands together and massage thoroughly through beard and mustache area.  Any leftover can sooth over to your scalp. 

The base of this product is Sesame Oil which absorbs quickly and has anti-inflammatory properties.  The essential oil blend of Bay and Lime is known for helping with skin conditions and historically has been used as a hair tonic.  It also helps to fight bacteria and fungi.  This oil has been used in men's skin care for eons.  

This product is also excellent for bald heads.  The base oil helps to protect from the sun, helps to keep the skin moist, helps with nicks and scrapes, as well as tightening the skin  and  pores.  It is a highly concentrated product.  1 - 2 pumps is more than enough for the average beard.

Contains the following: 
Sesame Oil: A nourishing oil that helps reduce stiffness and tightness in the scalp. It is also believed to result in darker hair.
Jojoba Oil: A superb moisturizer and healer that has a strikingly similar composition to natural human oils which are essential to mantaining a healthy beard
Organic Lime: Breaks down trapped dirt and oil clinging to hair shafts and clogging pores.

Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, West Indian Bay, Organic Lime, Blue Chamomile & Lavender Essential Oils

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